Our two of Ecuadorian customers came to visit our subsidiary-Dongguan SYDA Industrial Robot Co., Ltd. It is a specialized factory for industrial robot integration. They came far away from Ecuador to China is to look for some package machines factory and industrial robot factory. Our customers sent their full visit schedule to us and only one industrial robot factory-SYDA! We were ready to show our powerful engineer team and professionalism to them! We arranged driver and car for them several days ago in advance and they were really grateful for our help.

We went to living room first to try some Chinese Kungfu Tea. We performed our tea art to them and they were surprised. One of our customers even wanted to buy one tea set, which is quite fresh to them. After some time of resting, then we went to meeting room to discuss their automation project with two of our engineers for 6 axis robot integration. Their company has many factories, including food processing, glass making, water production line, construction manufactuing bussines, etc. They wanted to use 6 axis robot to replace human to realize factory automation. We reminded our customer to bring a laptop with processing videos and photos so that we can discuss more efficiently. They showed us every procedure video of one of their production line, which indicated low efficiency of human work. Present manual machines also easily broke when working. Once borke, then production line have to stop. Their factory usually run at a quite high temperature. So if workers work in this environment for a long time, they may get sick and tired for the work. However, robots won’t. Robots will never have any temper at work and can work for 24 hours. It is also safe for factory running. We don’t need to care about emotion of workers. After 2 hours discussing and designing of project, our customers were quite satisfied with our opinion and solution.

Manufacturing 6 axis industrial robot isn’t an amazing thing, the most important thing is that we do the integration on robot and ODM, not OEM. We will figure out many kinds of solution case for customer’s need to fulfill factory automation with our strong engineer team. Welcome to our factory to help you realize your factory automation!