In the automated stamping production process, in order to ensure the quality of stamped products, high-precision punching, feeding equipment and molds are required, and high-quality stamping materials are required. Therefore, before stamping, the material must be leveled to eliminate its internal stress and improve its flatness. The 2 in 1 decoiler and straightener machine are integrated into the decoiler and the leveling machine. The whole machine is integrally formed by the steel frame structure, which has high leveling precision, compact structure, small floor space, convenient operation and price. Benefits and other advantages, become the preferred equipment for the stamping automation production line.

The working principle of the 2 in 1 decoiler and straightener machine:

The leveling machine part of the 2 in 1 decoiler and straightener machine is composed of two parts of the flattening machine transmission part and the base. The transmission mechanism of the leveling machine is composed of a motor, a transmission reducer, a shaft end sprocket of the reducer, a sprocket drive shaft and a gear of the transmission leveling frame, and a leveling roller and a feeding roller. The leveling operation is completed by the feeding roller and the leveling roller. Before the leveling adjustment, the feeding roller needs to be adjusted to ensure that the material does not slip when it passes.

In the use of 2 in 1 decoiler and straightener machine, the leveling adjustment handle should be adjusted according to the thickness and toughness (internal stress) of the material itself to ensure that the raw material meets the leveling requirements. When adjusting, you need to observe the leveling effect. If the effect is not good, you should increase the degree of flattening of the flattening roller, but pay special attention to the gentleness of the pressing speed, and the amount of pressing should not be too large, otherwise it will cause ripples on both sides of the material. At the same time, the trace of the roller is left, so the adjustment needs to be carefully adjusted repeatedly.

CL series

  1. The motorized uncoiling straightening machine is a simple 2 in 1, which is not limited by the inner diameter of the material, simple to operate, convenient for loading and unloading, suitable for leveling of metal coils of 0.35~3.2mm thickness, leveling roller ¢60mm, upper 3 lower 4 ways.
  2. The decoiler and the straightening machine are integrated into one, the chain drive, the roller chrome plating, the special stepless speed change device, the control discharge speed and the durability.
  3. The feeding is carried out by the clamping plates on both sides, driven by the feeding roller, and the speed is controlled by the flattening part.
  4. the leveling roller is made of chrome steel 40CR, quenched and tempered, high frequency quenching, hard chrome plating. The surface hardness is HRC60 degree, the chrome plating thickness is 0.05mm on one side, the hardness is high, and the durability is strong.
  5. The leveling adjustment adopts four-point independent fine adjustment, and the scale is controlled by the scale, which is simple and practical.
  6. It is mainly used for the induction of L-shaped iron frame induction frame. It is mainly suitable for stamping production with lighter material and less surface requirements. It is often used with air feeders to form an economical stamping automation production line.