The Cut To Length Line is a commonly used high-efficiency blanking production line in the sheet metal processing industry. Considering the high cost of equipment procurement, many small and medium-sized enterprises simply cannot afford the procurement cost of a standardized and highly configured cut to length line.

In order to better serve small and medium-sized enterprises, Henli has launched a variety of customized economical cut to length line, which are specifically designed according to the material parameters and requirements of customers. Try to save procurement costs for customers while improving production efficiency and automation.

An economical cut to length line is composed of decoiler machine, coil straightener machine, NC servo feeder machine, shearing machines, etc. In order to save procurement costs, it is usually not necessary to equip with a stacking device.

Introduction to the use of production line equipment:
1. The heavy-duty material rack is used to carry the coil material and unwind it.
According to the requirements, optional frequency converter (to realize speed regulation function), pressure distribution arm (to avoid bulk material exceeding 2mm thick material), hydraulic expansion device (to make the material over 2 tons fully tensioned), hydraulic material loading table car device (easier feeding and preparation).

2. The coil straightening machine is used for flattening and removing internal stress of plates.
According to different material thicknesses and different leveling accuracy requirements, there are precision thin plate leveling machines, precision leveling machines, medium plate material leveling machines, and thick plate leveling machines to choose from.

3. The NC servo feeder machine is used to feed the sheet into the shearing machine step by step.
The feeding length can be set at will from 0-10 meters; it can be multi-stage feeding to meet the multi-stage shearing function; the feeding times setting function, when the shearing quantity is reached, the equipment will automatically stop.

4. Shearing machine is used for cutting and blanking of plates.
Because the plate is leveled and fed by a servo motor, the cutting has the advantages of accurate precision and high production efficiency, and can be cut into square, rectangular, parallelogram and other special-shaped blocks.
According to customer requirements, mechanical shears and hydraulic shears can be selected.