Before I write this news, I’d like to show my gratitude and respect for my Dubai old customer, who placed 15pcs steel coil handling equipments and 3pcs progressive dies at the end of 2019. Equipments are decoiler, straightener and NC servo roll feeder each 5pcs. He and I both know there’s no enough space to setting such large quantity of equipments. He has also ordered more than 10pcs of steel coil handling equipments in the past two years. But he still want them and immediately. Why? I think it is our friendship and the efficient production of these equipments and progressive dies. Let me tell you the story about how we knew each other and have this long business partnership.

In 2017, He sent an inquiry to my product link to ask about 3 in 1 NC straightening roll feeder. This kind of steel coil handling equipments costs high, not everyone can afford it. So I ask for all material specs to check if it is neccessary to choose this model. He complained about the present manual production line was too slow. Their product is hinge of sewer, which needs many procedures including cutting, bending, threading holes, etc. Each procedure needs single machine or press to finish it, means one procedure needs one worker. So I suggest replace them by steel coil handling equipments and progressive dies although this kind of investment was high  to them at first. Because in Dubai, there are few companies know steel coil handling equipments and progressive dies. After quite long time communication with him about knowledge of decoiler, straightener, feeder and progressive dies, he believed me and tried to start it. After replacing, our equipments and progressive dies got quite good feedback and gain much faster production. He wants to prove to his boss that his choice is cerrect and he would beat other competitors.

See the below some photos of steel coil handling equipments before shipment:

The container of all steel coil handling equipments and progressive dies were shipped yesterday. They must earn much more benefit and profit to my dear customers! At last sharing a YouTube link of shipping and customer’s production line: