My Dubai customer ordered the third order to me for decoiler, straightener and NC servo roll feeder, totally 15pcs with two progressive dies last month. Customized decoiler model MT-200 5pcs, straightener model TL-200A 3 pcs and TL-300A 2pcs, NC servo roll feeder model NCF-200 2pcs, NCF-300 2pcs and NCF-200C 1pc. He placed the order once a year from 2017, what a good customer!

A few days ago, I sent a video to him and he was so surprised and said: What a small world! What happened?

Things was that: My boss added a press seller’s Wechat through Tik Tok and saw a video on his Wechat zone. He was surprised the decoiler, straightener and NC servo roll feeders inside are all made by us after seeing this video. And this man mentioned he was in Dubai for press installation and commissioning. So he sent this video to me immediately and asked me if this is my Dubai customer’s workshop and I can confirm these are all our machines, the same model as I sold to him twice before. So I went to ask him and got his reply ha-ha. Sharing you video of our machines in his workshop:

Why customer placed an order for me every year? Firstly, I regard him as my friend more than a customer. Every time he had any questions to ask me, I would find many solutions and suggestion for him, including finding other suppliers, how to adjust machines better. I would always reply him, according all I know and ask others for help. Secondly, our machines have good quality, friendly using method and long life. Customers can install and commissioning our decoiler, straightener and NC servo roll feeders by reading our operation manual by themselves, even if this is their first time to use these machines. Thirdly, we have more than 15 years stamping experience in this area so we can offer good progressive dies, press, etc. Then the customer can save many troubles.

We didn’t make obvious nameplates in our last two years, but we have changed this year to show our outstanding brand. You can see the below customized type photo:

Pneumatic Type NC Servo Roll Feeder Pneumatic Type NC Servo Roll Feeder