The stamping industry relies heavily on the press feed line, a highly efficient and versatile automated equipment. When coupled with a punch press, it enables uninterrupted 24-hour stamping production, ensuring a streamlined machining process. However, prolonged and continuous production leads to rapid temperature rise in the continuous stamping die, negatively impacting the surface finish, precision of stamped products, and drastically reducing die lifespan. To mitigate these issues, lubrication becomes crucial for processed sheet metal.

Challenges with Traditional Lubrication Methods

Traditional lubrication methods for sheet metal involve manual squeezing of lubricating oil from plastic bottles. However, when used with press feed lines, this approach leads to several challenges:

  1. Uneven Oil Distribution: Due to the large width of the processed sheet metal, the oil distribution becomes uneven, affecting lubrication efficiency.
  2. Oil Wastage: The lack of oil recovery results in significant oil wastage, leading to increased production costs.
  3. High Labor Intensity: Manual lubrication demands substantial labor effort, impacting productivity and efficiency.
  4. Workshop Pollution: Dripping oil during manual lubrication causes significant workshop pollution, necessitating additional cleanup efforts.

Introducing the Fully Automatic Dual-Sided Lubrication Machine

To address these challenges and revolutionize the lubrication process, we have developed the fully automatic dual-sided lubrication machine. This innovative accessory is designed to complement press feed lines and ensures automatic and efficient lubrication of sheet metal surfaces.

Key Features

  1. Dual-Sided Lubrication: The machine can automatically apply lubricant to both sides of the material’s surface, ensuring complete coverage and enhanced efficiency.
  2. Adjustable Oil Spraying Timing and Intervals: The timing and intervals of oil spraying through the oil pipes can be easily adjusted based on specific production needs.
  3. Even Oil Distribution: After the oil is sprayed onto the upper and lower surfaces of the material, a wool felt wheel evenly spreads the lubricant, guaranteeing consistent lubrication.
  4. Oil Recovery and Reuse: The machine allows for the recovery and reuse of excess oil, reducing wastage and conserving lubricating oil.

Advantages of the Dual-Sided Lubrication Machine

  1. Effective Lubrication: The machine ensures effective and reliable lubrication for the material, enhancing surface finish and product precision.
  2. Oil Conservation: By enabling oil recovery and reuse, the machine significantly reduces the amount of lubricating oil used, leading to cost savings.
  3. Labor-Saving: With the automation of lubrication, manual labor is minimized, increasing overall work efficiency.
  4. Environmental Benefits: The reduction in oil wastage and workshop pollution contributes to a cleaner and safer work environment.

Components of the Dual-Sided Lubrication Machine

The optional fully automatic dual-sided lubrication machine for the press feed line is composed of the following components:

  1. Electric Lubrication Pump: Responsible for conveying lubricating oil from the aluminum alloy oil tank into the delivery pipes.
  2. Aluminum Alloy Oil Tank: Stores the lubricating oil for the machine’s operation.
  3. Fluid Solenoid Valves: Provides voltage options of 24V, 110V, and 220V, controlling the flow of oil during lubrication.
  4. Oil Delivery Pipes and Return Pipes: Transport lubricating oil to and from the material’s surface.
  5. Aluminum Alloy Body for Oil Delivery: Ensures smooth and efficient oil delivery to the lubrication rollers.
  6. Lubrication Rollers: Distributes the lubricant evenly on both sides of the material, promoting effective lubrication.
  7. Oil Control Valve: Enables intelligent setting of lubrication and interval times, optimizing the lubrication process according to production requirements.

The fully automatic dual-sided lubrication machine is a game-changer in the stamping industry, elevating productivity and efficiency to new heights. By providing efficient and reliable lubrication, conserving oil, and reducing labor intensity, this innovative machine proves to be an indispensable accessory for press feed lines. Embrace this cutting-edge technology, and watch your stamping processes reach unparalleled levels of excellence.

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