There are two types of thin plate precision leveling machine, single-section type and double-section type. the standard is double-section type, Roller diameter 20mm (25 rollers arranged on top 3/bottom 3 + top 9/bottom 10), is an automatic equipment specially designed for stamping and leveling of ultra-thin materials with thickness of 0.1-0.6mm and material width of 0-300mm.It is mainly used for pre-press leveling of precise metal components such as mobile phone accessories, computer accessories, digital products accessories, etc. Applicable materials include stainless steel segregates, aluminum plates, circuit boards and other metal sheets. It can also be customized according to the special requirements of customers.

Precision Leveling Machine

If the coil is divided into positive and negative sides, it needs positive feeding and the radian is concave, the best choice is the two-stage precision leveling machine. If it is the single-stage precision leveling machine, the best choice is the single-stage precision leveling machine.

The difference between single-section and double-section is that the double-section first has large row spacing (top 3 and bottom 3) and then small row spacing (top 9 and bottom 10).

Product characteristics:

Two-stage leveling, in the process of leveling coil (head end-), no adjustment of leveling is needed in the middle of leveling to ensure uniform and identical flatness.

It is impossible to produce good weighing parts without leveling and eliminating the coil. Only by leveling the coil can the stress be eliminated.

After leveling by this machine, the material can be repaired to bend up and down or flat.

Oil-free and lubrication-free design is adopted for the plantation of the axle end of the rain side of the roller, which is wear-resistant and free from oil stains or stains.

The transmission device is controlled by frequency converter (cycle control), which can synchronize with the speed of punch press and feed smoothly.

Use characteristics:

Selection of precision bearings and high precision rollers, using four points to adjust the thickness of pressing material.

The material is smooth and non-indentation after leveling. It is suitable for rectifying metal sheets such as stainless steel, copper sheet or brass sheet.

This machine can replace manpower and operate all-weather. It is easy to cooperate with punch press to realize automatic production, improve work efficiency and reduce production cost.

This machine can be used independently and in conjunction with various automatic feeding racks.