Stamping automation production must use the packaged coils, and the coils need to be uncoiled by the uncoiler before they are put into use. Traditional uncoilers use a single roll to carry the coil material, and the entire production line equipment needs to be stopped when one roll of material is used up. The whole process takes a long time to reload and debug the uncoiler, which is not only cumbersome, but also leads to the inability to improve the overall efficiency of the stamping production line.

The appearance of the double-head uncoiler fundamentally solves this problem, and it adds a discharge reel compared with the traditional uncoiler. By installing the two reels symmetrically on the rotary platform, one reel is turned to the uncoiling working position under the drive of the driving device on the revolving platform, and at the same time, the operator can load the other reel. When the first reel of the uncoiler is uncoiled, the latter reel can immediately rotate to the uncoiling position for uncoiling. From the real realization of uninterrupted uncoiling operation, the uncoiling efficiency is high, the continuity is good, the stable production time is extended, and the overall efficiency of the stamping production line is improved.

Therefore, the double-head uncoiler can fundamentally solve the problem of the traditional uncoiler, reduce unnecessary time, and improve the stamping efficiency. Of course, the cost of choosing a double-head uncoiler is definitely more. If the operator is skilled in operation, the traditional uncoiler is still the best choice without wasting too much money.
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