Double end decoiler machine (or double head decoiler) is the best choice for high-speed punch press line. The reason double head decoiler machine becomes best choice of high-speed line is that, it’s fast changing advantages. Single-head decoiler machie has only one coil shaft end, and production line has to stop when coils material runs out. With double head decoiler machine, you save plenty time for whole production line. Common punch press line includes electric stator rotor stamping line, terminal connector production line, etc. Model series of double head decoiler machine in HENLI is MTD. Here we talk two outstanding features of MTD.

1) Both ends with strengthened shaft structure

This feature is mainly used on heavy duty ones. Heavy duty MTD is designed for thick metal sheet or strengthen metal sheet, including Cold Rolls/ Hot Rolls/ Stainless Steel/ Galvanized Steel, etc. Common single-head decoiler machine structure is four hard plates welding directly on sliding rail. This structure is simple and works well when light loading capacity. For heavy loading, a strengthened structure as below pictures is more stable and safe.

MTD coil shaft for light coils

Common single-head decoiler machine structure is four hard plates welding directly on sliding rail

strengthened structure on heavy duty double head decoiler

2) Equip holding arms for two decoiling head

Thick material is so much easy to go into a mess when you cut off bundle strap. Loosen coil loops may clash each other during decoiling process. These clashing may badly scrap your material surface, even damage material itself. To prevent this problems, you can choose equip holding arms. Holding arm is driven by air pressure, and hold material tightly when your production line start working. Holding arm is the most effectively solution at present. Plus, this stretcher is not only used on double head decoiler machine, but also can be used on other heavy duty decoilers.

double head decoiler machine with hodling arms

double head machines quip holding arms for two decoiling head

Below is a wonderful video shows actions of MTD Double End Decoiler machine