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Here is Bella again, yesterday when i was thinking what is the topic should i writing in the weekly news, and my domestic customer was sent a video to me. This customer is from my ex-manager, when she left the company and i follow her customer. OK, let’s back to the topic.Ahaha.

customer said that HENLI decoiler and straightener machine have been working for more than 8 years

The customer was sent a machine working video to me about the TL-500 Straighter&Leveler, at the first, when i saw the fist picture i know it is our factory’s machine, i was thinking is there something problem in the machine so the customer need the after-sales service?

The customer said your factory’s machine quality very very great, already bought this machine for 8 years still working very normally and no broken, i am going to order more 2PCS for you.

The encouragement from my customer has made me more confident in my future work and commitment to other customers. Don’t fair, just taking the order, quality is the best guarantee to our client.

The different machine system for the domestic and oversea production, the oversea one will high quality and machine project than the domestic one. The main reason is we can arrange the engineer to repair the machine immediately, but if something broken in oversea, many after-sales service we can not offer it. For this reason, we will choose the best machine inner part to manufacture the machine, using the Yaskawa inventor and OMRON brand machine part, which can make sure the machine without any quality problem in 3-5 years. Of course, the machine will increase the base life after maintained

Now let me show yours some base maintain method,

  1. First, clearing the stains in the straightener, the raw material like the steel coil will left some stains and other splotch in the straightener. It is very easy to damage the machine if unclean it for a long time, which will cut down the using life of the machine.
  2. Second, It is the mechanical part of the leveling machine, that more likely get rust parts like the mechanical exposed parts and the transmission. In order to prevent the machine part from rusting, which should be regularly added with butter or anti-rust oil.The transmission parts such as gears and sprockets should be lubricated every fifteen days.

More information about the straightener, please kindly phone call or send the message to my mail, thank you so much! Hope you have a excellent day.