Disposable mask packaging machine is suitable for packaging medical masks in bag, packaging disposable masks, medical masks, activated carbon masks, N95 masks, single-piece packaging, multi-piece packaging, the machine’s sealing form is back sealing.

This packaging machine has a wide range of applications. The machine can be packaged individually, or multiple masks can be stacked together for packaging. The shape of the packaging bag is serrated and easy to tear.

The mask packaging machine is a packaging machine specially used for packaging disposable masks, medical masks, and non-woven masks, and is suitable for automatic packaging of single-piece or multi-piece masks.
30-150 bags per minute (single knife), 30-250 bags per minute (double knives),
We have two models, high efficiency, easy function adjustment and technical upgrade, mask packaging machine uses servo motor and controller, equipment stability is good, low packaging machine noise , high packaging speed, and high finished product rate and have a good outlook for packaging .

The working flows of the machine: the operator manually stacks the single-piece masks or multiple pieces of masks and puts them into the conveyor belt of the packaging machine. The masks are sent to the packaging machine through the conveyor belt for packaging, after being rolled, cut, Finished product output and other links complete the packaging process, easy to operate, high versatility, suitable for one machine with multiple uses.

The following are the basic technical parameters of the packaging machine: