Regarding heavy decoiler for more than 5 ton weight, width more than 1300mm, we will suggest customers to add pneumatic pressing arm (motorized if customer asked for), inverter for variable speed changing, hydraulic expansion and hydraulic coil feed-in car (if customer asked for), the last one is material head support.

Material head support of heavy decoiler includes manual one and hydraulic one. It can be seen literally that the cost of manual one and hydraulic one vary much. If coil weight is more than 12 ton, we will advise that choosing hydraulic one. But if customer doesn’t have that much budget, still can choose manual one. We will make it hold 12 ton weight. There are two different types of manual material head support, here attaching their photos as below:


This is our standard heavy decoiler for 10 ton. We will equip gantry type induction frame, inverter for variable speed changing (Japanese MISTUBISHI brand), pressing arm (this customer chose motorized one), hydraulic expansion and hydraulic coil feed-in car and manual material head support. This model is MT-1300 for 1300mm width material.


This is another type of manual material head support, belongs to old-fashion type. It has a planetary reducer. This customer asked for one more hydraulic support arm. This model is MT-1500 for 1500mm width material. Let me show you their whole production line:

This heavy decoiler equips with NC servo roll feeder and cutting machine. This kind of production line is quite normal combination.

Heavy decoiler can equip with straightener + NC servo roll feeder + cutting machine, or equip with roll forming machine directly, or equip with C forming machine, or equip with laser cutting machine.

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