1.In the scope of use: the roller feeder itself is unpowered. It is installed by driving the eccentric disk to the automatic feeding shaft end of the punching machine. The power of the punching machine drives the roller to run, so its feeding width, length and thickness The use of the roller feeder is limited to 400mm, the thickness is less than 3.5mm, the feeding length is below 300mm, and the punch must have an output shaft. The NC feeder is driven by a separate servo motor. It does not need to be powered by a punching machine. The feeding length, width and thickness range are wider. The width can be customized according to customer requirements. The maximum can reach 1600mm and the thickness can reach 6.00mm. The length can be up to 9999.99mm.

2.In the feeding precision: the normal feeding accuracy of the roller feeder is ±0.05mm, and the NC is driven by the NC servo motor. In the relaxation and feeding, the encoder transmits the angular angle signal to the control system through the encoder connected to the crankshaft crankshaft. Synchronous operation, each shaft is driven by precision ball guide screw, with high positioning accuracy and excellent stability. The accuracy of the feeder is generally ±0.02mm, and it can reach ±0.01mm in short-distance feeding, and the precision is extremely high.

3, In the multi-sta

ge feeding: the feeding of each step of the roller feeding is fixed, can not be changed arbitrarily, so multi-stage feeding can not be carried out, and the NC feeder has multi-stage feeding function, which can input 20 different groups at the same time. Feeding length, each group can be used for 0-999 stamping, which can be used for stamping special products.

4,In terms of ease of operation: the adjustment of the feeding step of the roller conveyor needs to adjust the reference ruler (coarse adjustment) and the scale ring (fine adjustment) on the eccentric disk, so the operation roller needs professional training and the adjustment takes a long time. The feeding parameters of the NC feeder can be input by the man-machine interface on the independent electrical box. It is easy to modify and adjust the settings, and the operation is very simple.

5.In saving materials: the punching type of material, the NC feeder can be equipped with ball screw and linear guide according to the actual needs of customers, and can be converted into left and right yaw type NC feeder, which can greatly save materials. Not available with the roller feeder.

6,In combination with the in-mold tapping machine: the in-mold tapping machine is used more and more widely in the stamping automation production line because of its great saving in the post-pressing production process. In the process of use, it can only be fed. After the stop, the tapping has certain requirements on the feeding angle of the feeder. The feeding angle of the NC feeder is 330 o~30 o, and can be adjusted according to the requirements. Therefore, the NC feeder can be used with any in-mold tapping machine, and the roller. The feeding angle of the feeder is 270o~90o, and it can’t be adjusted. Therefore, the use of the roller with the in-mold tapping machine is greatly limited. If the punching stroke is too short, it cannot be used with the in-mold tapping machine