Nc Servo Feeder Machine, because of its many product advantages, more and more stamping manufacturers regard servo feeder as the first choice for stamping feeding.

1. The hard chrome plating of the seamless steel pipe of the feeding roller is durable.

2. Adding a guide stainless steel plate, the feeding is more stable.

3. The feeding roller is precisely ground and thickened.

4. Bearings are imported from Japan.

5. The gears are fully ground high-precision gears.

6. The aluminum alloy increases the synchronous pulley to improve the feeding accuracy.

7. The thickness of the main wall panels on both sides is 20mm.

8. The solenoid valve of the cylinder adopts AirTAC, and the servo motor adopts Yaskawa Mitsubishi and so on.

9. The top cover adopts 15mm light plate.

10. The feeding port and the discharging port are equipped with lifting stopper wheels.

11. The appearance of the fuselage adopts electrostatic spraying, which has good adhesion and strong corrosion resistance.