As a widely used and highly customized uncoiling equipment, the uncoiler has many optional devices for stamping customers to choose from. For example, it is common to install a frequency converter to adjust the speed, install a pressing arm to avoid bulk materials, install an oil pressure expansion to facilitate uncoiling, install a loading trolley to facilitate loading, and install a photoelectric sensor to avoid damage to the surface of the material, etc.
However, in addition to the common optional equipment, there is another optional equipment that few people know, but it is equally important. It can make the coil uncoiling more stable and smooth, and at the same time, it can assist in completing the automatic feeding action of the subsequent leveling machine. That is the support arm.

The supporting arm of the uncoiler is composed of a frame, a supporting frame and a sub-bracket. The supporting frame is arranged at the lower section of the frame body, and the sub-bracket is arranged at the feeding end of the expanding and shrinking drum of the uncoiler corresponding to the supporting frame. A pneumatic telescopic cylinder is installed in the frame, and the free end of the extension rod of the telescopic cylinder is connected with the rear end of the material support frame to push the material support frame to pivot up and down with the rotation axis as the fulcrum. Simultaneously, the lower section of the two inner side walls of the frame body is respectively provided with side seats, and arc-shaped guide grooves are formed on the two side seats, so that the guide wheels on both sides of the sub-bracket can be slidably arranged in the guide grooves. In this way, the supporting arm sub-bracket of the uncoiler can produce stretching and folding actions along the guide groove.

In actual use, the uncoiler is used together with the supporting arm, which can greatly improve the smoothness of the uncoiler’s uncoiling, and it does not require human-assisted driving, and it also greatly improves the stability of its movement.

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