When the uncoiler is in use, a special material stop device must be used to limit the material coil. Its purpose has two points: one is to make the material roll always be on the same level with the production line when uncoiling, so as to avoid the deflection of the uncoiling material belt. The second is to limit the position of the material roll to prevent the material roll from slipping and collapsing on the supporting tile. Generally speaking, the standard stopper limit device of the standard uncoiler is A-type iron.

The use of the A-type iron device of the standard uncoiler is to first determine the position of the two A-type irons at the inner limit and lock them with bolts, and then shrink the expansion and contraction reel and put it into the material roll. Then make the material roll close to the inner A-type iron, and then tighten the material roll by hand or hydraulic expansion. Finally, install the outer A-type iron on the support tile, and after fine-tuning several times to determine the distance according to the material width, then lock the A-type iron bolts to complete the material blocking process.


The material stop device of the standard uncoiler has simple structure, low cost and good material stop effect, and has been widely used. However, there is also an obvious shortcoming, that is, it is only suitable for the limit of the material roll that is not too wide. Once the width of the material roll is large, there will be problems such as long installation time, cumbersome and complicated debugging, and poor material blocking effect. At this time, it is necessary to use the stopper arm to limit the position.

The stopper arm is a special replacement for the stopper A-type iron, and it is used for the stopper limit device of the uncoiler. It is driven by an air cylinder to realize fully automatic material blocking, with good material blocking effect, simple operation and less time-consuming, especially suitable for the material blocking limit of various wide and large rolls. When the reel is loaded, the stop rod of the stop wheel devices can be raised upwards to prevent the reel from colliding with the retaining rods and reduce unnecessary damage. After the material roll is placed on the expansion and contraction reel of the uncoiler, the stop rods of each stop wheel device are lowered. And it is adjusted by the respective moving devices, so that the material roll can be limited to the feeding position. When the stop rod of the stop wheel device is close to the material roll, the elastic body can be used to produce a buffer effect, which is simple and convenient and effectively prolongs the service life.This is the function of the stop arm.

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