The continuous rainy weather has just turned fine. On the morning of May 30, the Decoiler and NC feeder exported to Brazil will be shipped today. After a comprehensive quality inspection of the decoiler and the nc feeder, the workshop personnel started busy hoisting and fixing.

This batch of automation equipment exported to Brazil has a total of 6 units, including 2 customized decoilers MT-500, 2 customized NC servo feeders NC-500, 1 light decoiler CR-100, and 1 air feeder AF -5C. In response to the export requirements of Brazilian customers, containers are used for packing. At the same time, the external export logo and packaging processing are pasted on the machine. The equipment will be transported to the port by large trucks for export to Brazil.

Exporting equipment not only represents Henli’s brand strength, but also represents Made in China. Henli continues to innovate products, improve the level of production technology, keep pace with advanced brands, and bring more and more high-quality punch feeder machine to the world.