At present, the uncoiler is also often used for rewinding some soft materials, because the material is soft and has the problem of sticking resistance, so the uncoiler is equipped with a material tensioning guide device. This guide device usually monitors the state of the tensioning and guiding material through the monitoring of the operator. When the material guiding material is too loose or too tight, the operator needs to stop the material guiding action.

However, this manual control method often causes the loss of the material to expand due to the operator’s easy delay in finding problems. Therefore, there is a disadvantage that the monitoring lacks real-time and accuracy and increases the manufacturing cost. At the same time, for some reeled finished products that require high precision, they have more stringent requirements on the error value of looseness and tightness during the material guiding process. Therefore, it will be difficult for the uncoiler to meet the precision requirements of the product by using personnel monitoring methods.

For this reason, Henli has developed a special uncoiler for the rewinding of soft materials, which has four performance advantages over the traditional uncoilers on the market:

1. The material guide device of the customized uncoiler is designed in the form of reflex. This design can make the material not easy to stick and pull during the tensioning and conveying work, thereby making it smoother and effectively improving the work efficiency and quality.

2. The customized uncoiler is equipped with an over-tight induction braking module. When the tensioning and guiding state of the material is too tight and fast, the speed of the driving roller of the uncoiler can be automatically adjusted to relieve the pressing state of the material. This can effectively prevent the uncoiler from shrinking and deforming due to excessive tension during rewinding. In addition, the tensioning and guiding state of the material is controlled within the range of a small error value, so as to greatly improve the rewinding accuracy of the uncoiler to meet the requirements of high-precision products.

3. The setting of the custom-made uncoiler loaded with the over-tight sensing brake module. It can automatically sense and release the urgent state of the material, so it can save the cost of manpower monitoring and effectively prevent the occurrence of defective rates, which is more in line with the utilization of the industry.

4. The customized uncoiler is equipped with an anti-tangle induction braking module. When the tensioning and guiding state of the material is too slow, it can automatically sense and make the drive roller of the uncoiler stop or slow down the speed to adjust the tensioning and guiding of the material to return to the normal state in real time. In this way, it is possible to prevent the entanglement of the uncoiler when rewinding the material.

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