Our customized thick plate Decoiler Cum Straightener Machine has successfully passed the on-site acceptance inspection by technical personnel from Danfoss Group’s domestic subsidiary, marking a significant milestone in our collaboration. The machine, which we developed in partnership with the global energy conservation and environmental protection giant, Danfoss Group, will be transported to Denmark after being loaded into a container at Shanghai Port.

Fast and Efficient Collaboration

From confirming the product configuration to research and development, production, and shipping, the entire process of creating the customized thick plate Decoiler Cum Straightener Machine took only two months. This achievement can be attributed to our standardized production process, high technology and quality standards, and strict controls, which once again demonstrated our delivery capabilities.

Meeting Danfoss Group’s Technical Requirements

Danfoss Group has stringent requirements for the quality, precision, automation degree, and stability of punch automation equipment. To meet these requirements, our R&D engineering personnel held over ten technical discussions to modify and unify the plan. The machine ordered by this customer has multiple technical requirements beyond the traditional thick plate Decoiler Cum Straightener Machine. It is equipped with two sets of pressure arm devices, one set of feeding port support plate devices, and one set of feeding pressure head devices, all customized according to the needs of the Danish customer.

Multiple Technical Improvements

With our strong R&D capabilities, we made multiple technical improvements to the thick plate Decoiler Cum Straightener Machine based on the customer’s actual needs for stamping automation, operation, and electrical control. We improved its automation degree, leveling accuracy, energy efficiency, ease of operation, and maintenance convenience from all aspects to meet the working conditions of Danish customers.

Expanding into Global Markets

We have always adhered to the development and production concept of “customized high-end punch automation equipment” and continuously expanded into the European, American, and Asian markets. Our commitment to delivering high-quality products to global customers showcases the charm of Chinese manufacturing to the world.


Our successful collaboration with Danfoss Group has enabled us to produce a customized thick plate Decoiler Cum Straightener Machine that meets the needs of Danish customers. With our strong R&D capabilities and commitment to delivering high-quality products, we are proud to showcase the charm of Chinese manufacturing to the world.

Decoiler Cum Straightener Machine
Decoiler Cum Straightener Machine