Henli has been focusing on the production of various stamping automation equipment such as 3 in 1 coil feed line, 2 in 1 decoiler straightener machine, and NC servo feeder machine for many years, and has a good relationship with professional punch manufacturers and mold factories. We are able to provide high-quality automotive stamping production line turnkey projects for foreign customers.

The turnkey project customization process of automobile stamping production line is as follows:

1. Information collection

At the first contact, Henli will communicate with the customer to learn more about the customer’s material width, material thickness, and product process requirements. Information gathering is essential for us to understand customer requirements and arrange the entire automotive stamping line.

2. Design the scheme of automobile stamping production line

After understanding the customer’s product and stamping process requirements, Henli will provide the preliminary design of the automotive stamping production line as a reference. There are usually 3 in 1 coil feed line,2 in 1 decoiler straightener machine with servo feeder stamping line, and uncoiler machine,coil straightener machine,nc feeder machine three parts are combined into one punching line three options to choose from. The floor space and operating station map will be listed in detail.

3. Technical meeting

Detailed discussion of punch automation equipment specifications, mold design, production line capacity, plant planning, energy saving, power supply, etc.

4. The mature plan of the automobile stamping production line is determined

5. Confirmation of commercial terms and procurement

6. Test machine before leaving the factory, test machine on the whole line

7. Whole line equipment packaging and transportation services

8. Whole line installation of automobile stamping production line

9. After-sales service