1)     Background

The customer is an old-brand mold manufacturing, former feeding equipment usually broke down, inadequate feeding accuracy, and workman’s trouble in operation is far from enough to meet the production demand, planning to repurchase suitable feeding equipment.

2)     Site Situation

  • Higher Down die height,440mm,table height is about 1150mm
  • 400T Gantry punch, the distance between material entrance of the punch and the die is about 900 mm.
  • The production line is used for trial punching products to test the quality of the precision die. The die and material are frequently replaced and varied
  • Multi-machine and single-station rotation, in the working position of feeding equipment, but also often need to use other processing equipment.

3)     Customer demand

At the same time, it is necessary to simplify the operation of operators, reduce the time of switching equipment, and have a cost-effective equipment scheme.

4)     Equipment scheme (in kind)

  • According to the site situation and customer needs, we equip NC Servo feeder controlled by servo system, the device only needs to input feeding step (single feeding length) in multi-contact man-machine interaction panel. Maximum input 10 different feeding steps can be input to automatically convey the coil. Convenient operation and high feeding accuracy
  • To meet the requirement of field operation switching equipment, the device has a fixed bracket and a universal caster with brake on the base, which is convenient to move and fix at any time.
  • The bottom screw and positioning plate can be adjusted when different molds need to be changed frequently, to meet different feeding height requirement
  • Double section structure is used for discharging port, maximum up to 900mm,Made of wear-resistant stainless steel wheel, to steadily send material to die stamping. Folding design can save space when standby and facilitates switching of other equipment conveniently at the station.

5)     Conclusion

After the delivery of the equipment, it will be put into production and use, full of details of the design everywhere, to meet user needs, simple operation, smooth operation, and excellence of equipment quality, highly approved by customers