HENLI three-in-one feeder is an automatic processing line for stamping processing consisting of three separate equipments: material rack (unwinding), leveling machine (leveling), and feeder (feeding). It is the most common type of machine matching in the industry. The stamping automatic production line belongs to the split structure. Each machine has a complete process. It needs to be carried out independently for debugging and operation. For the processing of some medium and heavy plate materials, in order to ensure the stability of stamping, the material frame and leveling The machine is equipped with a frequency converter, and a large waiting area is required between the machine and the machine. The debugging and operation are very cumbersome, and the coordination and stability of the unwinding, leveling and feeding are poor, so that even the matching It is difficult to guarantee the repeatability of the feed of the HENLI NC servo feeder, which does not meet the requirements of intelligent, efficient, high-precision and simple operation required for automated production.

It is due to the existence of various shortcomings of the automatic production line of the split type stamping process, which makes more and more use of the HENLI 3 in 1 feeding machine in the modern medium and thick metal plate processing and production.

HENLI 3 in 1 servo feeder combines three functions of unwinding, leveling and feeding into one machine, which fundamentally solves the problem of poor coordination and stability. At the same time, it adopts the trinity centralized control in operation. The operation of the whole machine is completed by an independent control platform. It is easy to debug and operate, and has a high degree of intelligence. The entire process of loading, unwinding, feeding, leveling and feeding is completed automatically, and an operator without professional training is also The operation can be completed, and the production efficiency is increased by more than 10 times compared with the traditional split stamping feeder production line. The production cost is low and the productivity is high. At the same time, the leveling and feeding repeatability are guaranteed to be the most reliable, which can greatly improve the stamping owner. Product market competitiveness.

When the HENLI 3 in 1 feeder is used, the operator gives the PLC system (standardized as Mitsubishi PLC) control module operation command through the high-precision touch screen operation module, and operates the operation command through the PLC system control module, which first starts the rack portion. The hydraulic station provides hydraulic power to feed the loading trolley; after the material rack is partially loaded, the inverter drives the unwinding motor to rotate, so that the unwinding spindle connected with the unwinding motor is fully automated and intelligently discharged. The PLC system control module then works according to the parameter command feeding servo drive servo motor (standardized as Yaskawa servo motor in Japan), so that the feeding platform can be leveled and corrected to ensure high precision, thus achieving unwinding and leveling. Automatic operation of the servo feed automatically.