The surface of materials used in some stamping production is not really conductive, such as some silicon steel sheet materials, surface-coated materials and non-metallic materials. Since these materials cannot conduct electricity, if a standard uncoiler is used, the automatic start and stop actions cannot be realized. The induction device must be modified. According to the actual needs of customers, Henli has two modification methods:

1. Use the opposite-beam photoelectric sensor switch to control the automatic start and stop of the uncoiler. The opposite-beam photoelectric switch is installed at the height where the uncoiler needs to start and stop. When the uncoiler material sags to a certain position, blocking the opposite beam, the photoelectric switch will control the stop of the uncoiler. When the subsequent machine is used, it can continue to start when the material is removed from the position of the opposite light.

2. Use the micro switch to control the automatic start and stop of the uncoiler. Fix the micro switch with a floor bracket and place it in the waiting area of the uncoiler, the subsequent leveler and the feeder. When the uncoiler tape sags and touches the micro switch, the micro switch sends a control signal to the intermediate relay in the uncoiler box to control the motor of the uncoiler to stop running.