I would like to share with you the performance of the Nc 3 In 1 Straightener roll feeder. Recently I received a letter from a customer who made hardware products in Vietnam. He told me to he need a feeding line, which integrates the decoiler, leveler and feeder. He want to buy our  Nc 3 In 1 Straightener roll feeder, according to the customer’s material specifications, matched our  Nc 3 In 1 Straightener roll feeder, model: NCHL-800G, the following is a schematic:

In fact, the model of the machine is determined to the thickness of the customer’s material. What kind of materials and specifications are available to meet the needs of customers.

This electronic CNC precision plate roller leveling feeder ( Nc 3 In 1 Straightener roll feeder), the main accessories are feeding trolley (customer can choose optional), the role of the car is in the material smoothly transferred to rack on the spindle, pulling into so that material can be used to hold up of material end smoothly into the leveling machine, car set material anti dumping baffle, when transferred to material pair of small material can effectively prevent material dump

The first is the decoiler machine. The main function is to fix the material roll on the expansion and contraction part of the main shaft of the material rack, and support the inner diameter of the material roll. During the automatic operation, the main shaft is intermittently rotated and unloaded by the material ring control command. These include the main shaft expansion and contraction part, the press arm part, the limit wheel part, and the material ring control part. In the Nc 3 In 1 Straightener roll feeder, the whole process is fully automated, and the uncoiler is equipped with a pressure arm.

As the feeding device, the main function is that the upper roller can be manually opened and closed during the feeding, and the feeding trolley can smoothly, easily and safely clamp the material head and lead the material from the uncoiler to the leveling machine.

The main function of the leveling machine is to correct the material roll to make its surface flat, and to feed the material into the pressure equipment according to the set length and speed. The leveling hardness of the leveling machine of our factory can reach HRC60±2.

Each of our machines is equipped with instructions, the warranty period is within one year, we must ensure that the customer can use the machine normally, this is our guarantee, if you need to know more, please feel free to contact me.

Below is a video of the Nc 3 In 1 Straightener roll feeder: