1. What’s the difference between air feeder guide rails which are cylindrical and square?

There is little difference between square column type and cylinder type in use, but they are two types produced by different manufacturers. Compared with them, square column type air feeder is easier to adjust the step distance. Just loosen the screw of guide column to adjust it to a little larger than the actual feed step distance, and then adjust it accurately by fine adjusting the screw. The square column shape can adjust the rear guide wheel freely, reduce the vibration of the body effectively , and ensure the feeding accuracy is stable for a long-term. The circular sleeve of cylinder type used for adjusting step distance is small and easy to be lost, which will cause that the step distance cannot be adjusted, so the guide rails of most new air feeder are changed to square column type.

2. Why do some air feeders have air tanks, and some don’t?

The air feeder is powered by air source, so it is necessary to ensure that there is enough air source when installing the air feeder, and the air source must be stable. A stable air source is an important guarantee for stable feeding accuracy. If the air source is not stable, it will cause inaccurate feeding, thus affecting the quality of stamping products. Air feeder models of AF-7C and below 7C have a small consumption of air source. Generally, the air source of the factory can be supplied stably. Therefore, the standard models of AF-7C and below 7C are not equipped with air storage tank, while the models of AF-8C and above have a large consumption of air source during feeding. If there is no air storage tank for air supply, the subsequent air source supply is likely to be insufficient, thus affecting the feeding accuracy. Therefore, air feeder model above AF-8C are equipped with floor stand, solenoid valve and air tank as standard to ensure stable and accurate feeding.

3. Is the air feeder equipped with E-type and R-type solenoid valves?

The standard type air feeder adopts floating rod feeding, and completes the feeding action by pressing down the guide rod installed on the slider, and does not have the relaxing function. If the up and down stroke of the press is too short or feeding distance too long, E-type feeding solenoid valve should be added to replace the floating rod to complete feeding. R-type relaxation solenoid valve is applicable to the case of high-precision feeding, use the solenoid valve to loosen the fixed clamp to correct the deviation, and the actual purchase should be based on your specific needs.

4. How many kinds of air feeder?

There are two forms of air feeder: active feeding and passive pulling. The active feeding is suitable for general materials, and materials are fed into the mold by the feeder. The passive pulling is suitable for thin or soft materials. The feeder is installed in the direction of the die outlet, and the air feeder pulls out the materials to avoid material bending.

5. What are the standard accessories of air feeder?

The standard accessories of the air feeder include a set of three-point combination (water filtration, air filtration and pressure regulation), a high-pressure pipe (connecting the air source and the air feeder, transmitting the power source to the feeder), a L-shaped mounting plate (used to install the air feeder on the press), a set of guide rod, a set of sealing ring and a buffer (equipped above AF-5C model , which can make the fast feeding reach low vibration effect)