As a commonly used uncoiler in the stamping industry, the uncoiler can not only be used for uncoiling, but also for the rewinding of finished strips or scraps after processing.

For traditional metal coils, the difference between the uncoilers used for uncoiling and rewinding is very small, and it is only necessary to change the induction rod for unwinding to an induction frame or a photoelectric induction device. But there is a big difference between rewinding and uncoiling some soft materials.
Because when it is used for rewinding, if the soft material is not tensioned, it will have an impedance effect, making its exporting action very rigid. If the tension is too tight, the phenomenon of width shrinkage and deformation will easily occur, which will seriously affect the accuracy and quality of the finished product.

Therefore, how to change the uncoiler to make it rewind soft materials more smoothly has always been a technical issue that the stamping industry has been striving to improve.


At present, the most recognized and effective method in the stamping industry is to install a guide tensioning device on the uncoiler when the soft material is wound to help the soft material to be effectively rewinding. There are two main types of guide devices installed on the uncoiler.

1. The rewinding material is tensioned directly by means of pulling. However, in this kind of material guide device, when the material required to guide the material has both soft material and elasticity, the rewinding material will sometimes be stretched, and sometimes it will return to slack, resulting in an unstable state. As a result, the uncoiler is prone to affect the rewinding quality due to deformation errors.

2. A damping device is set on the material guiding device of the uncoiler, so that the guiding of the material has an appropriate tightness. However, this structural design can stabilize the guiding of the material and ease its pulling and jittering phenomena. However, the urgent resistance generated by the damping device installed on the uncoiler to the rotation of the guide device is still easy to cause the material to be pulled too tightly and retracted and deformed. This also cannot solve the problem that the accuracy and quality of the finished rewinding products are affected.

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