In the process of using the feeder of punch press, the following situations usually occur: inaccurate feeding, partial feeding and no action of the machine. In fact, these problems are very easy to deal with. We just need to help the customer deal with them, because these are not the problems of the machine itself. Now let’s summarize some simple ways to deal with these problems:

1、 Inaccurate feeding

No matter air feeder, roller feeder, or NC numerical control feeder, this situation will occur, but the reasons for each feeders have some differences.

A. The reason for this condition of the automatic air feeder:

  1. Material problem: whether the customer handles the edge of the material well when dividing the material, and whether the material slips, etc;
  2. Whether the air pressure is stable when the customer uses the feeder;
  3. Check the fine adjustment screws and nuts (which determine the feeding length)
  4. Find out the purchasing time and service strength of the feeder, and check whether there is air leakage in the feeder. If it is caused by this reason, we can inform the after-sales service personnel of the company for maintenance.

2、Material deviation and not at position , the reasons for this situation might be :

  1. whether the position of materials is correct;
  2. whether the position of mold installation is equal;
  3. whether the mold have the location pins

The way to solve the problems :

  1. a. Help customers to check whether the above situationsexist, and if so, help customers to deal with these problems;
  2. b. If notthe above reasons, then needto check the machinery : check whether the loosening screw is in balance. If the material deviates to that side, tighten the loosen screw on that side until it is no longer biased.
  • 3、Most of the new customers have improper mechanical operation, which will lead to the existence of the above problems, especially the NC numerical control feeder. Many new customers often do not master the use method. When setting a certain data, they will turn off other program signals together after setting, then course the machine not running.