Heavy-duty uncoiler can be divided into two types: unpowered and powered.Based on widely application of these two types of uncoiler.How to choose the suitable one for shearing stamping in actual production need?Please see below:

The unpowered uncolier is a non-powered device that needs to be pulled by the leveling machine or feeder to cooperate with it, and the uncoiler is equipped with an encircling rubber brake to eliminate inertia and avoid to spread material.

The advantage is that the speed of unwinding very fast, the demand of material waiting area is short, and saving workshop space.However, there are also obvious defects, that is, the leveling machine or the feeder should has a large pulling force, and it can not used too thin material put in the production.If the material is too thin, the unpowered heavy-duty uncoiler will often cause surface damage when pulling, especially when the belt is damaged during opening and closing in production.The unpowered uncoiler belongs a non-standard model. Mainly used in high-speed thick plate stamping processing applications such as stamping goods shelf, stator rotor, EI and so on.

Compare with the powered type and unpowered type,powered uncoiler adds drive motor with gear box, reducer, drive belt, electric control box and sensor frame.The drive motor and reducer through the drive belt to drive the spindle rotation ,so that realize the unwinding, and the electric control box controls the operation of the heavy-duty uncoiler (auto, manual, forward and reverse).When the sensor frame is in contact with the material, the uncoiler stops working, and on the contrary, uncoiler starts working.

The advantage is a wide range of applications, that is, it can be used for automatic unwinding of coils and used for automatic recoiling.The shortage is that the unwinding   speed is slow (usually within 16m/min), and the material waiting area requires a long distance (The thicker the material is,the longer the material waiting distance).

Powered uncoiler belongs a standard model and mainly used in most automatic stamping and shearing applications.

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