Coil feeding lines have undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years, and Henli has emerged as a frontrunner in this industry. With a remarkable track record spanning over six years, Henli has successfully distributed numerous coil feeding lines across various regions and countries worldwide. These cutting-edge machines have revolutionized the stamping manufacturing process, establishing Henli as a trusted and esteemed partner to our valued clients. Let’s explore the evolution of Henli’s coil feeding lines and the exceptional solutions we offer.

Evolution of Henli’s Coil Feeding Line

Since the introduction of our NCHL series coil feeding line in 2008, Henli has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation. Initially catering to thin sheet metal coil feeding lines, we have now expanded our range to include high-tension thick plate models. Our design philosophy has evolved, embracing graceful and streamlined aesthetics while maintaining robust practicality. Henli remains committed to research and development, continuously improving our designs to meet the evolving needs of the stamping industry. Consequently, we have emerged as the preferred choice for numerous clients, both domestically and internationally, seeking reliable and efficient coil feeding line equipment.

Milestones in Henli’s Journey

Henli’s journey has been punctuated by significant milestones that have shaped our success. In 2008, we introduced medium and thin sheet metal coil feeding lines to the market, capturing the attention of industry professionals. Two years later, at the Shanghai Machine Tool Exhibition in 2010, we unveiled our groundbreaking thick plate coil feeding line, garnering widespread acclaim and further solidifying our reputation as innovators. In 2011, Henli proudly presented the second-generation standard model configuration for our coil feeding lines, incorporating valuable feedback from our customers. In September 2013, we reached another milestone with the release of our third-generation coil feeding line, accompanied by the latest NCHL series configuration table. This comprehensive resource empowered our customers, providing them with detailed information about standard, optional, and special configurations and enabling them to make informed decisions effortlessly.

Henli’s Diverse Product Line

Presently, Henli boasts a diverse product line consisting of 21 models, categorized into four major types of coil feeding lines: thin sheet, medium plate, thick plate, and high-tension plate. Our machines possess unparalleled versatility, seamlessly handling coil unwinding, leveling, and feeding for a wide range of materials. To cater to the specific material requirements of each customer, we offer flexible adjustments for the diameter, outer diameter, and load capacity of the reel holder. Furthermore, our commitment to tailor-made solutions is exemplified by our array of optional accessories. Hydraulic feeding carts, flip-open leveling heads, and fully automatic oiling machines are just a few examples of the add-ons we provide to enhance the performance and convenience of our coil feeding lines.


Henli’s journey in the realm of coil feeding lines has been characterized by innovation, precision, and customer-centricity. Our commitment to pushing boundaries, embracing evolving market trends, and addressing customer demands has established us as leaders in this industry. With a diverse range of models and a penchant for tailor-made solutions, Henli continues to empower our clients and transform the stamping manufacturing process. Experience the Henli difference and unlock new possibilities for your business with our exceptional coil feeding lines.

coil feeding line
coil feeding line