The punching production line configuration of the Thick Plate 2 In 1 Uncoiler Leveling Machine and the Thick Plate NC Feeder Machine is a more cost-effective matching type for caster metal stamping production.

Description: Thick plate 2 in 1 uncoiler leveling machine is an optimized combination of unpowered uncoiler machine and thick plate leveling machine. It adopts unpowered design and only needs a very short waiting area, effectively shortening the production line covers an area and saves the space of the workshop; the thick plate NC servo feeder machine replaces the traditional screw pressing with the cylinder pressing, which can automatically eliminate the uneven surface of the raw material plate.

Processing materials: cold-rolled sheet, hot-rolled sheet, pickled sheet, galvanized sheet

Material thickness: 1.0-6.0mm.

Model selection:thick plate 2 in 1 uncoiler leveling machine, thick plate nc servo feeder machine.

Use Cases:Caster Metal Stamping Production Line.