With the arrival of Industry 4.0, manufacturing industry will face a greatly huge progress, some series problem as coming out as well, like Cost issue, Efficiency issue, Security issue, etc., which attractive increasing attention from various companies. Under the heave pressure background, manufacturing and producing automation, continuous, and intelligent machine is the fundamental way for enterprises to achieve economic benefits.

Press production is the most importance component in metal processing industry. As this production way with many advantage like Higher production rate, Various, Continuous production process, High degree of mechanization and automation, etc., and have already became a very marvelous production way for Pressing, Car, Home appliance, Electronic production, molds, Hardware, Aerospace, military, chemical, medical equipment, etc. It’s also bring a big business opportunity for Punch automation equipment industry, many excellent enterprises have opened up new markets with their strengths, further highlighting the characteristics and advantages of China’s automation equipment development. Dongguan HENLI Machine Equipment Company is one of the leading manufacturers of punching peripheral equipment in this field. HENLI Machinery is one of the earliest manufacturers of punching peripheral equipment in China, and has won the favor of more and more customers with its first-class quality, considerate after-sales service and cost-effective price.

Today, let’s talking about how to improve the production rate and reduce the worker cost in a factory. Since we are a professional manufacture pressing automation equipment, then we also talk about how automated production equipment implements these functions. Automated is for machine equipment, system or process (Production, managing process) can be work without human directly control, and according the human requirement, the process of achieving the desired goal through automatic detection, information processing, analysis and judgment, and manipulation control. Automation equipment is not only liberating the worker from some heavy physical labor, part of mental work, and a harsh, dangerous work environment but also expanding human organ function, greatly improving labor productivity, enhancing human ability to understand the world and transform the world.

And the first series problem is coming out: on the one hand, the automatic equipment can be controlled by PLC, it can do any job according the instruction, a worker can Skilled operator-controlled automation equipment, which can instead of a large number of man-made work-pieces. On the other hand, manually processed work-pieces will have large human error, which will greatly increase the cost of rework in the later stage. In some environments, it is very dangerous to process some work-pieces, and the machine is safe to process. Finally, the machine has 24 hours of uninterrupted work capacity, stable production speed and quality, and efficiency increased by more than 300%. The above three points can definitely reduce the labor cost and improve the production efficiency.

As we know, Coil feeder is only one kind of the “superstar product”in HENLI machine equipment company. We are also having relative production like Slitting and blanking production line, shearing blanking production line, punching and unwinding automatic production line, various functional industrial robots.

All products of the entire automated production line are independently developed, manufactured and produced with strong technical strength. With years of experience in the automation industry, tens of thousands of classic cases, recognition by many top companies, at the same time, many excellent talents and entrepreneurs for the Chinese stamping automation industry. In the future, we have full confidence to keeping the initial heart, and move forward, HENLI will always use the cost-effective products to give back to the market, thanks all of the customers and friends support. Let’s meet in the future.