If you’re in an industry that requires the mass production of workpieces, the Coil Fed Laser Cutting Machine is an ideal solution for you. This machine can automatically and continuously cut various workpieces from rolled sheets, making it perfect for industries such as automotive, agricultural machinery, kitchenware, and environmental protection.

Equipment Composition: What’s Inside the Box?

The Coil Fed Laser Cutting Machine is comprised of four main components: an uncoiler, leveler,servo feeder, and laser cutting machine. The uncoiler and leveler work together to ensure the rolled material is unwound and flattened, which eliminates most of the internal stress. The servo feeder then controls the three-dimensional movement of the laser cutting head on the laser cutting platform to achieve automatic nesting of the metal strip. This process results in the efficient production of workpieces in various shapes and sizes.

Advantages over Conventional Nesting Cutting Lines

Conventional cutting equipment is limited to producing rectangular and trapezoidal blanks. However, the laser cutting and nesting line can cut various shapes, providing greater flexibility and versatility in your production line.

Advantages over Punch Press Nesting Lines

A punch press nesting line requires different molds for different workpieces, which incurs high manufacturing and maintenance costs and generates high levels of noise. The laser cutting and nesting line, on the other hand, can directly use various rolled sheet materials to automatically and continuously cut various workpieces without the need for additional molds. The variety of processed workpieces is greater, noise is lower, and the operation is safer and more environmentally friendly.

Advantages over Laser Cutting Machines with Loading and Unloading Manipulators

A loading and unloading manipulator for a laser cutting machine requires the use of purchased sheet metal, which has not eliminated internal stress and has poor flatness. The flatness of the cut workpiece cannot be guaranteed, resulting in low production efficiency and high waste rates. Additionally, the damage rate of the laser head or cutting head of the laser cutting machine is high. The laser cutting and nesting line, however, uses rolled materials as raw materials. The rolled materials have undergone flattening, which eliminates most of the internal stress, and significantly improves the flatness. This, in turn, increases production efficiency, reduces waste rates, and lowers the damage rate of the punch head or laser cutting head.

Benefits for Customers

The Coil Fed Laser Cutting Machine offers customers several benefits, including:

1.Saves Raw Materials: By using rolled sheets instead of directly cutting from sheet metal, there is no loss of material at the beginning or end of the cut, resulting in significant savings in raw materials.

2.Reduces Waste Rate: The flatness of the cut sheet metal, which eliminates internal stress, reduces the waste rate.

3.Reduces Production Costs: With the elimination of the time spent loading and unloading sheet metal, production efficiency is greatly increased, resulting in lower production costs.

4.Reduces Labor Costs: Continuous cutting of rolled materials in large quantities reduces labor intensity.


If you’re looking for a way to streamline your production line and reduce costs, the Coil Fed Laser Cutting Machine is an excellent choice. With its ability to cut various workpieces from rolled sheets and its numerous advantages over conventional cutting equipment, this machine can help you produce high-quality workpieces efficiently and effectively.