When setting up stamping production lines, the choice between UL series and CL series combined uncoiling and leveling machines is crucial. These machines integrate uncoiling and leveling functions, offering efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Understanding the differences between them helps in making the right selection.

Similarities Between UL Series and CL Series Machines

Both series offer:

1. Uniform Leveling Capability: Suitable for materials ranging from 0.5mm to 3.0mm in thickness. They feature a similar leveling structure with rollers arranged in a 3-over-4 configuration, each with a diameter of φ60.

2. Identical Roller Adjustment Method.

Differences Between UL Series and CL Series Machines

1. Material Inner Diameter:

  • CL series: Not limited by material inner diameter.
  • UL series: Adopts variable diameter material feeding method with a standard inner diameter range of φ450 to φ530.

2. Material Outer Diameter:

  • CL series: Accommodates smaller coil outer diameters, up to a maximum of 1000mm.
  • UL series: Standard model has a maximum outer diameter of 1200mm, customizable based on customer requirements.

3. Load Capacities:

  • CL series: Maximum load of 600kg.
  • UL series: Standard models (200, 300) handle up to 1000kg, larger models (400, 600) handle up to 2000kg, with customization options for increased capacity.

4. Leveling Accuracy:

  • UL series achieves superior leveling accuracy of ±0.05mm within a 100mm × 100mm range, surpassing the CL series.

5. Leveling Speed:

  • UL series equipped with a frequency converter for adjustable leveling speed, a feature absent in the CL series.

6. Surface Treatment of Materials:

  • CL series clamps material with plates, risking surface scratches.
  • UL series uses a variable diameter material feeding device, ensuring surface integrity.

7. Operation Stability:

  • CL series lacks a brake device, leading to lower stability.
  • UL series equipped with a ring-brake device for smoother operation.

8. Sensing Methods:

  • CL series employs a sensing bracket method.
  • UL series adopts a 24V sensing rack for precise sensing.


  • CL Series: Affordable, suitable for light materials with lower surface quality requirements, often used with air feeders for economical stamping lines.
  • UL Series: Offers wider application, stronger adaptability, and higher precision, serving as a comprehensive replacement for the CL series.

When making purchasing decisions, customers should assess their needs and budget to make the optimal choice.

Uncoiling and Leveling Machine
Uncoiling and Leveling Machine