In the realm of automated processing, selecting the right coil feeding device is pivotal. Among the commonly debated choices are Roller Feeders and NC Servo Feeders. But which one truly stands out? Let’s dissect the similarities and disparities between these two contenders to illuminate the path for potential purchasers.

Scope of Application:

Roller Feeders: Limited but Swift
Roller feeders find their niche in tandem with presses boasting output shafts. However, they do impose stringent constraints on feeding width and pitch. Typically, roller feeders bow out when material width surpasses 500mm or feeding pitch extends beyond 300mm. Nonetheless, they shine in the realm of speed, with models boasting feeding velocities of up to 500 strokes/min, a perfect fit for high-speed presses.

NC Servo Feeders: Versatility Unleashed
Contrary to their Roller counterparts, NC servo feeders flaunt versatility. Not only are they compatible with an array of presses, but they seamlessly integrate with other processing machinery like hydraulic presses, shearing machines, and laser cutters. With no shackles on feeding width or pitch, and a penchant for customization, NC servo feeders emerge as the epitome of adaptability.

Differences in Usage and Adjustment:

Roller Feeders: Mechanical Mastery
Powered by a mechanical transmission system, roller feeders necessitate meticulous adjustments. Tweaking feeding time and pitch involves securing the eccentric disk on the press output shaft, a process demanding finesse and technical acumen.

NC Servo Feeders: Touch and Go
NC servo feeders, in stark contrast, usher in simplicity. Sporting a user-friendly 7-inch touchscreen, adjustments to feeding pitch, frequency, and other settings are a breeze. Accessibility is the name of the game with NC servo feeders, catering to novices and veterans alike.

Price Disparities:

Roller Feeders: Frugal but Functional
Opting for roller feeders translates to a budget-friendly investment. Devoid of motors and intricate electrical components, they offer an economical solution for feeding needs.

NC Servo Feeders: Premium Performance at a Price
On the flip side, NC servo feeders command a premium. Equipped with a comprehensive Mitsubishi servo control system, the cost is notably steeper. The price tag of a single servo motor alone eclipses that of roller feeders by a significant margin.

In summation, the decision between roller feeders and NC servo feeders hinges on three pivotal factors. While roller feeders boast economic feasibility, they demand intricate operation and cater to a narrower application spectrum. Conversely, NC servo feeders entail a higher upfront investment but present a plug-and-play solution, catering to diverse operational needs and ensuring future-proofing for enterprises.

NC Servo Feeder
NC Servo Feeder