The flat disposable masks produced by the flat mask machine,we called it disposable masks /flat masks or non-woven masks. The structure of this type mask making machine which is a rectangular shape with 3 Z-folds. The national standard is 145*95MM, and the overall width cannot be less than 142MM.

Production Process:  


Disposable flat masks for children are divided into: 2-layer non-woven masks, 3 ply non-woven medical masks, and four-layer activated carbon masks.

Raw materials  which used for producing Children’s flat mask is  : 2-layer mask: non-woven fabric, nose strip, ear loop

3-layer mask: non-woven fabric, nose strip, ear loop, filter cotton (filter paper)

Activated carbon mask: non-woven fabric, nose strip, ear loop, filter cotton (filter paper), activated carbon cloth

Flat mask classification: Outer ear loop flat disposable mask , Inner ear loop flat disposable  mask, disposable flat mask with strap.

Equipment for producing children’s masks

Fully automatic 1+1 childrens disposable masks machine production process:

One drag one child flat disposable 3 ply non-woven medical mask machine:

Efficiency: 90-10 pcs/min;

The forming principle of children’s flat non-woven medical mask as below:

It is mainly a machine that uses the principles of ultrasonic welding and automatic edge sealing to complete the composite molding of flat masks with multi-layer materials. Children’s mask body machine is a machine used to automatically produce finished products of multi-layer flat disposable masks. It can use 1-4 layers of PP non-woven fabric activated carbon and filter materials. The whole machine is from raw material feeding to nose bridge insertion and edge sealing. The finished product is produced by an automated production line.