In order to reduce the cost of the customer’s stamping production line, simplifying the operation process is the basic trend of HENLI company. The zigzag NC servo feeder is developed based on this concept. The zigzag  NC servo feeder is developed on the basis of the original ordinary NC feeder. The automatic feeding machine for stamping processing optimized by special typesetting method can realize multiple swing to the customer’s demand to save raw materials and improve. The purpose of production efficiency.

Zigzag NC servo feeder range:

It is mainly used in the processing of stamping products such as screens, Motor fixed rotor, hardware products, wafer and special-shaped sheets, especially for stamping wafer materials.

Zigzag NC servo feeder features:

  1. It adopts 7-inch super large Mitsubishi touch screen control, and has dual control modes of buttons and touch screens. The screen indication is clear and clear, and the operation is very simple.
  2. The PLC operation panel is in the independent electric box, which completely avoids the negative impact of the punch vibration on the accuracy of the feeder and ensures high-precision feeding.
  3. The zigzag NC feeder is equipped with a memory function. When the feeder is suddenly powered off or the production needs to be interrupted due to special circumstances, the program does not need to be re-measured when restarting the production. Just press the reset button to re-operate. Streamlined operational procedures.
  4. It has two kinds of relaxation methods: relaxing at both ends and relaxing one by one. It can realize multi-purpose for one machine and is suitable for different stamping processing.
  5. configure the production value setting function, simple to achieve quantitative production, high degree of automation, operation is extremely simple.
  6. feeding speed setting is simple, acceleration and deceleration can be adjusted freely on the touch screen.
  7. Advanced automatic diagnosis system, when the operation is faulty, the system can self-diagnose and display the error information in detail.
  8. It has two feeding modes of inching and continuous feeding. It can be mixed operation, X-axis (single-axis) can work independently, or X-axis and Y-axis can be linked together, and it can also be alternately fed in two axes. Saving material costs.
  9. High precision: In the continuous feeding process, the minimum distance between the sides and the side can be set within 0.4mm, and the movement error of each time can be guaranteed within ±0.05mm.
  10. Material reference points can be set for easy operation.
  11. when the belt is used, no gap is produced.
  12. During the feeding process, the material is automatically repositioned, one-button operation, convenient and fast.
  13. Equipped with internal software limit function, with over-travel and overload protection, which greatly reduces the production failure.

The configuration of the zigzag NC servo feeder is composed of:

  1. Electrical components: Japanese imported Mitsubishi programmable controller, Yaskawa servo motor, Yaskawa servo drive
  2. ball screw: Taiwan-made HIWIN imported screw
  3. linear guide: Taiwan imported HIWIN imported guide rail
  4. touch screen: Japan’s Mitsubishi 7-inch large touch screen
  5. pneumatic components: AirTAC
  6. the key low-voltage electrical components: CHNT
  7. photoelectric sensor: OMRON
  8. bearings and couplings: Japan MISUMI
  9. Feeding roller: It adopts bearing copper, heat-treated and quenched, hollow, hard chrome plated on the surface, hardness above 60 degrees, light weight, wear-resistant, not easy to scratch, can ensure surface plating and feeding accuracy of materials;
  10. transmission gear: precision grinding gear
  11. Machine parts processing: The main components are processed by imported machining center, and the feeder structure is integrated.

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