High-speed roller feeder What is the characteristics: Roller feeder With the development of the manufacturing industry, stamping products more refined, complex, complex shape of the product requires multiple processes in the mold manufacturing need to make a continuous mode Complete, and the continuous mode need to complete the feeding of all stamping tasks. The traditional stamping production is often used to manually feed the punch, the production of artificial feeding, feeding, on the step, the whole process to two people, one feeding, one control punch, workers labor-intensive, low efficiency, high cost and Feeding speed instability, a direct impact on the stamping product quality.

Structure of NC Servo roller feeder

Structure of NC Servo roller feeder

High-speed NC Servo roller feeder structure of the seven major characteristics:

1, from the fine-tuning device: (especially with more than 1310NS models)

Construction and eccentric, easy to adjust the step, adjust the eccentric disc from the target value of the difference is not too large, just adjust the trimming device, saving time.

2, disc brake (general brake device):

The use of advanced clutch to make two-sided contact, long life, good stability, high precision.

3, one-way bearing:

Embedded with super-hard alloy, and with the roller bearings, with wear resistance, safety, high precision, long life. Gear overheating treatment H600 re-precision grinding, high transmission accuracy.

4, PU wheel:

Suitable for the material surface to a higher punch of the material surface will not cause any indentation or scars.

5, the wheel:

The use of hollow-type, light weight, small inertia, can be stopped immediately to ensure feed accuracy. After heat treatment HR600 plated hard Ge and then grinding, high hardness, wear-resistant large, long life.

6, drawbars for the three-type, adjust the range, easy adjustment, not because of the material after the high-line adjustment to interrupt the rocker arm.

7, the reverse device:

High-speed roller feeder is the current stamping industry instead of manual feeding the most cost-effective automatic feeding equipment, its power comes from the punch itself comes with the output shaft, punch work to drive the output shaft rotation, punch from top to bottom, the output shaft rotation. The eccentric disc of the high-speed roller feeder is fixed on the output shaft through the fixing seat, and an adjustable lever is connected at the lower part of the eccentric disc. The adjustable lever is connected with the rocker of the roller feeder through the cross connector, the eccentric disk rotates one week, . The swing distance of the rocker arm is determined by the radius of the adjustable lever. The radius of the adjustable lever is adjusted according to the step distance of the mold. And the rocker arm is connected with the transmission shaft, the shaft with the rocker arm swinging up and down and left and right rotation.

High-speed roller feeder feed roller at one end of each connected with the drive shaft to drive the feed roller rotation, the relative motion between the upper and lower feed rollers to move the material being processed to achieve the purpose of feeding. Feed roller and drive shaft connection between a one-way bearing, one-way bearing is to control the feed roller to do one-way rotation, because the rocker arm is doing reciprocating motion, while the feed roller is only allowed to do forward feeding, so the installation of one-way bearing is From the role of directional rotation. When the punch moves downwards, the mold is closed, the feed roller is not moving, the material is stationary, the die is doing the pressure processing because of the control of the one-way bearing. When the punch moves upwards, the workpiece is finished, the mold is opened, Began to turn, the material in accordance with the adjustment of a good step from the quantitative timing into the mold.

Accessories & Options:

  • Programmable Rotary Limit Switch for Setting of the Safe Feed and Pilot Release Windows, with digital crank rotation position and Press Speed Indicator
  • Adjustable Pilot Release Cam Pin for mounting to press ram
  • Pneumatic / mechanical / servo roll release for pilot release
  • Proximity sensor to initiate feed cycle instead of limit switch
  • Screw Adjustable/ Hydraulic JackPress Mounting Bracket
  • Remote Pendant with Forward and Reverse Jog Push Buttons
  • Additional measuring wheel on strip for measurement

Press Room in their endure to bring latest technology for feeder, have brought NC Servo Roll feeder technology for presses in year 2001. Today with installation in various part of country to handle strip width from 100 mm to 1250 mm & thickness from 0.1 mm to 12.00 mm fully programmable units have be interlinked with small / medium / large presses.

Various models have been manufactured & following standards models are available in short deliveries.

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