NC Servo Feeder is a kind of high efficiency roll feeding machine, which is widely used on metal stamping industry. As one of the most popular coil feeding machines, it’s famous for it’s good advantages. Here I listed some best as below:

  1. high-precision feeding: Aiming at the coming of high-tech industry, the computer closed loop feedback system is used to control the accuracy, so that the accuracy is guaranteed to be within 0.03mm.
  2. the stage feeding function: you can input 20 groups of different feeding lengths, each group provides 999 times stamping times, to meet the processing and production of special products.
  3. personalized manual mode: you can input the three segments manual speed, so that users can operate more easily and accurately send materials into the mold and locate.
  4. High efficiency relaxation device: with the convex signal of punching machine and simple material thickness adjustment.
  5. feeding length setting: on the control panel, you can directly input the feed length to achieve the desired song distance.
  6. Feeding mechanism: the roller is hollow type, light weight, small rotation inertia, hard surface hardness of HRC60 degree, hard chromium plating, wear resistance and long life.
  7. Development functions such as counting function, multi-step transfer function, mold parameter storage function and so on.
  8. The servo feeder is more convenient and easier to operate than the other mechanical feeder.