The purchase of the straighteners depends on the actual need to straightening the material properties. The most important parameters of the straighteners include: the diameter of the correction roller, the roll distance and the number.

Generally speaking: the roller diameter and diameter of the correction roller is smaller, the better the correction effect. The correction roller required for the correction of the thin material is more than that required for the correction of the thick plate material. Experience shows that thin plates, ultra-thin version of the straighteners at least 15 to 23 correction roller, so as to ensure high-precision leveling.

In addition, to ensure that the straightener is always high precision, you should choose to correct the structure of the drum can be opened.This will be able to quickly and thoroughly clean the correction roller and check. If there is a metal scrap or a material residue in the straightening machine, the correction quality will be deteriorated not only, but also the damage of the straighteners may be caused.