With the ever-increasing demand for speed and precision in stamping production, the utilization of high-speed presses has become widespread across various industries. From automotive hardware and computer precision components to lead frames, EI laminations, buttons, and more, high-speed presses have emerged as the go-to choice, gradually replacing traditional and precision presses.

However, to fully leverage the high-speed stamping efficiency, these presses require the integration of automated equipment. In this article, we will explore the optimal pairings and selection of automation equipment for high-speed presses, offering invaluable insights into enhancing productivity.

Material Feeding and Coil Unwinding: Pallet Decoiler to the Rescue

To cater to the specific requirements of high-speed press stamping, a pallet decoiler serves as the ideal choice for material feeding and coil unwinding. Unlike the traditional vertical material racks that fall short in terms of width, thickness, and speed, a pallet decoiler boasts fast unwinding capabilities, ensuring stable material feeding and automatic speed control. With its ability to unwind at remarkable speeds, it perfectly complements high-speed presses. In case a more cost-effective option is desired, a lightweight decoiler can be considered.

Optimize Material Feeding with High-Speed Clamp-Type Feeder

To maximize the stamping performance of high-speed presses, a high-speed clamp-type feeder proves to be highly effective. With fast stamping speeds surpassing 500 strokes per minute, high-speed presses require a feeder that can keep up. The clamp-type feeder can achieve impressive feeding speeds of up to 1200 strokes per minute, fully unleashing the potential of high-speed stamping. Alternatively, for those seeking a more budget-friendly alternative, a high-speed roller feeder can be a suitable choice.

Efficient Material Collection with Opto-Control Terminal Collector

Once the stamping process is complete, the strip of material often needs to be collected and wound. For this purpose, an opto-control terminal collector comes into play. The strip, which is typically left uncut, can be effectively retrieved using a vertical or horizontal opto-control terminal collector, ensuring the material remains intact without any damage. However, if the surface quality of the stamped material strip is not of utmost importance, an inductive terminal collector can be a viable option.

Silence the Noise with a Press Soundproof Box

Unlike their traditional and precision counterparts, high-speed presses generate considerable noise during rapid production. Left unattended, this noise can contribute to significant noise pollution within the stamping workshop. To counter this, a press soundproof box proves to be an indispensable accessory for high-speed presses. By effectively reducing the noise levels, it creates a quieter and more comfortable working environment.

Additional Auxiliary Equipment for Automated Production

To further streamline the automated production process with high-speed presses, several auxiliary equipment options are available:

  1. Automatic waste suction machines: These machines efficiently extract waste materials, promoting a clean and clutter-free workspace.
  2. Misfeed detectors: Equipped to prevent misfeeds by the feeder, these detectors ensure seamless and uninterrupted stamping operations.
  3. Bottom dead center detectors: These detectors play a crucial role in averting product crushing and overlapping, safeguarding the quality and integrity of the stamped products.

Stamping customers have the flexibility to selectively incorporate these automation accessories based on their specific requirements and preferences.

In conclusion, high-speed presses offer a significant advantage in the realm of stamping production. By combining them with appropriate automation equipment, manufacturers can unlock unparalleled levels of speed, precision, and efficiency. From the optimal pairings of pallet decoilers and clamp-type feeders to the indispensable role of opto-control terminal collectors and press soundproof boxes, each component plays a vital role in enhancing productivity and ensuring a smooth workflow. With the added convenience of auxiliary equipment, manufacturers can customize their setups to match their unique needs, achieving remarkable results in the world of stamping.

High-Speed Press
High-Speed Press