The hydraulic decoiler has emerged as a powerhouse in the material handling industry, exhibiting robust features such as a pneumatic presser arm, hydraulic expansion, and a butterfly brake device. Its versatility is commendable, making it an adaptable tool for various uncoiling processes. The device can handle a maximum material width of 2500mm and has an impressive weight capacity of 20T, a capacity that its competitors struggle to match.

Unleashing Superior Performance in the Domestic Stamping Market

In today’s domestic stamping market, hydraulic decoilers with body strengths exceeding 1300mm are establishing a formidable presence. Despite sharing structural designs with their smaller equivalents, these heavy-duty decoilers provide an enhanced functionality. However, they aren’t without flaws. When the coil width surpasses the allowed maximum, the end of the decoiler sinks, triggering abnormal swinging. This undesirable behavior leads to two critical problems:

Facing the Challenges Head-On: Material Slippage and Alignment Issues

When cutting and stamping production lines are operational, the sinking end of the decoiler can cause material slippage. This issue negatively impacts the alignment of the material and leads to considerable coil dispersion, posing significant threats to production efficiency.

The Risks of Sinking Ends: Safety Incidents and Equipment Damage

Furthermore, the sinking end of a hydraulic decoiler can put undue stress on the device’s three reducer axes. This can lead to bending or breaking, compromising safety, and causing severe consequences, including the potential scrapping of the on-line coil.

Innovative Solution: The Additional Spindle End Support Device

To rectify these inherent issues, an innovative solution has been implemented. A spindle end support device is now included in the design of hydraulic decoilers with a width of 1300mm and above. This ingenious device offers substantial support to the spindle end, effectively negating oscillations and sinking. By doing so, it mitigates coil slippage, alignment alterations, and reducer damage during uncoiling. This results in a reliable and safe material rack operation when uncoiling large coils.

The Pinnacle of Material Handling: The MT-1300 Hydraulic Decoiler’s Spindle End Support Device

The spindle end support device, a pivotal component of the MT-1300 hydraulic decoiler, boasts an exceptional design. It comprises a machine base, two support rods, a guide cap, a support head seat, and a worm gear adjustment device. The support head seat features a precisely machined spherical groove that seamlessly fits against the end of the material rack spindle. Moreover, the worm gear device can be easily adjusted using a handwheel, allowing a simple change in the support force. This thoughtful design combines structural elegance, remarkable rigidity, and dependable, stable support, setting new standards in the material handling industry.

Hydraulic Decoiler
Hydraulic Decoiler