Description: High tension 3 in 1 press feeding line is a model specially designed by Henli for auto parts manufacturers. It is produced by stamping and processing of high-tensile (yield strength critical value 600N) and extra-thick plate (thickness 6mm-12mm) steel used in the body structure of the auto parts industry.


1. The uncoiler part is pioneered: servo control ensures stable operation at the uncoiling speed synchronized with the speed of the leveling feeder head.

2. Hydraulic feeding guide device for leveling feeder head: When feeding, the touch screen can control the hydraulic drive feeding device to ascend and descend, and the material head can be clamped smoothly, easily and safely with the support arm. And lead the material head from the material rack to the leveling feeder head.

3. Servo control device is used for leveling and fine-tuning

4. There are 6 uppers and 5 lowers in the leveling feeder head, a total of 11 leveling rollers: to ensure the precise leveling of high-tensile sheets.

5. Equipped with hydraulic scissors for material head and material tail: to cut irregular material head and material tail to ensure the fully automatic operation of the 3 in 1 press feeding line.