Description: Thick plate 3 in 1 coil feeding line is a model specially developed and produced by Henli for the stamping and processing of thick plate materials.It integrates the three functions of uncoiling, leveling and feeding into one machine, which greatly reduces the floor space. At the same time, the entire production process is controlled by a centralized electronic control system, which automatically completes material loading, uncoiling, leveling and feeding.

Product application: stamping and processing when the raw materials are thick, such as automobile hardware accessories, shelf punching, brake pad stamping, caster metal stamping, etc.

Function: 0.6-6.0mm thick various thick plate coil uncoiling, leveling and feeding.

Matching equipment: punch press machine of various brands of tonnage

Applicable materials: SPCC, cold rolled sheet, pickled sheet, aluminum sheet, galvanized sheet