As a widely applicable feeding model, the NC feeder machine can be used not only with various punching machines, but also with various types of processing machines such as shearing machines, hydraulic presses, forming machines, and laser cutting machines.

When it is used with a punch press machine and with other machines, the difference lies in the control method. When used with a punch, the operation of the NC feeder is basically controlled by the punch press machine cam signal. When used with other equipment, the NC feeder sends a signal (shear signal) to control the operation of the processing equipment.

Of course, in the case of a few customers’ needs, the NC feeder can actually use the shear signal to externally control the feeding method of the punching machine, and this control method is mainly used for the long-step punching work.

The truly effective and reliable solution is to use the shearing function of the NC feeder to control the operation mode of the punching machine to realize long-step continuous automatic stamping production.

In actual use, connect another cutting control line from the NC feeder vertical electric control box to the foot switch of the punch press.
In this way, when the punch press is switched to the foot switch working mode, and the NC feeder is started to automatically feed, when the feeding is completed, the NC feeder will send a shearing signal to control the punch to perform automatic punching work, realizing long-step stable automatic punching production.