In the middle of April, HENLI factory’s South African customers booked two sets of equipment to open a new press automatic equipment line to produce products, and the customer’s business was really busy. The customer was ordered the air feeder AF-6C and the uncoiler MT-200. It was officially shipped this afternoon and shipped to Shenzhen Port.

The following is about the uncoiler and air feeder:

Uncoiler structure:

MT automatic uncoiler is a high-quality structural steel plate welding overall body, with long-distance bearing fulcrum, can withstand large weight, using variable-diameter boring device, convenient for loading, decelerated by the wheel rod, stable operation, using the feedstock inductance parking and Time control parking time, can achieve smooth, convenient feeding.


Uncoiler operation:

  1. The uncoiler is connected to 380V three-phase power supply, and the rotation direction is checked. The material shall be fed upward and the vertical material shall be used as the induction rod.
  2. Automatic uncoiler to adjust the feeding distance: when the feeding rack and the punching machine working face are basically the same, the feeding inlet of the feeding device is 4-4.5m. When the feeding rack and the punching machine working face are too high or too low, increase the feeding distance appropriately and adjust the discharging direction.
  3. When the uncoiler shakes the handle counterclockwise, adjust the diameter of the small slab, diagonally, install one baffle plate, install the coil, and then install the baffle plate on the other two plates. It should be noted : The baffle plate can’t clamp the coil material. The material of the coil material and the baffle plate should be left empty, which can not affect the discharge. Shake the rocker clockwise and tighten the coil.
  4. The time control is the stop time control, which can control the discharging speed according to the product needs, adjust the height of the induction rod, and properly control the discharging length.


Air feeder features:

1, Can be installed any punch, very suitable for no output shaft end punch, with low cost to achieve the stamping automation, improve production efficiency.

2, Air feeder correction using the new floating rod with two three-way valve structure, completely solve the floating rod position in the production work easy leakage problem.

  1. The air feeder adopts two sets of pneumatic buffers, which can automatically absorb the inertial impact during the movement of the air feeder, effectively reduce the vibration, ensure the accuracy of feeding, and effectively reduce the noise.

4, Can send metal materials, paper tape, plastic and all kinds of shaped materials such as: round, triangle or protrusion, can also be simple transformation of the processing of secondary molding products.

5, The new type of feeder feeding accuracy is higher, faster, more simple installation, beautiful and practical, economical.Air feeder can be equipped with E – type electromagnetic valve and R – type relief electromagnetic valve, more suitable for a variety of feeding needs.

  1. E-type solenoid valve: it is applicable to control the feeding time when the upstream and downstream process of the punch is too short or too long.R type release solenoid valve: can be used in the solenoid valve to relax the fixed splint, to correct the error.