Air feeder characteristics
1. Standard feeding length (width) 0-450mm, feeding thickness 0.1-3.2mm; Available material types: metal, paper tape, plastic; can send material shape: round, triangle, protrusion; special attachment: AF- 5C or more accessories are equipped with buffers.
2.E type solenoid valve
Suitable for situations where the stroke is too short or too long to feed.
3.R type relaxation solenoid valve E type relaxation solenoid valve
Suitable for feeding on the punching machine, the short stroke is too long, and the high-precision feeding is required. The solenoid valve can be used to loosen the fixing plate to correct the error.
4. New powerful type
Suitable for automated processing of thicker materials.

Basic Features
1. The conveying route of the feeder is flexible and adaptable, and can transport a variety of materials;
2. Fast conveying speed, long conveying distance, large conveying capacity and low energy consumption;
3. Simple structure and light weight;
4, The feeder can be continuously transported, the work is stable, and the material to be transported is not damaged; the operation is simple, safe and reliable, the maintenance and repair is easy, and the maintenance management cost is low.

The feeder is the machine that transports materials. It is an indispensable equipment for both light industry and heavy industry. Traditionally, the feeder is a machine that uses the force of the motion of the feeder to force the material to transport the material. Modern feeders have undergone some changes, and advanced technologies such as high-pressure air and ultrasonic have begun to be used in feeding technology, but they are still classified in the equipment of the feeder.