Decoiler machine is an essential part of modern press stamping lines. Basically there are 2 types decoiler for stampers’ choice, the manual one or the motorized one. Manual decoiler machine is mainly used for small metal rolls work, like connecting terminal production with thin cold rolled steel strip, or the close button production line with narrow metal tape. We’d like to talk about manual decoiler machine in another article. Today let’s just focus on the compare between these two types to note out the advantages of motorized decoiler.

Motorized Steel Roll Decoiler Machine

With powerful motor driven, the decoiler machine can handle more complex and high requirements roll conditions.

Manual Decoiler Machine for Light Steel Rolls

Manual decoiler machine is a good choice if your production is only a limited types of products and be sure your products is the small hardware parts and no high strength material.

1.     Advantage: good to work with all kinds of steel rolls

You production line may change time by time for different products and different orders. And different products need different size steel rolls. For metal rolls that weight is less than 500kg, and width is no more than 400mm, the manual decoiler may be able to work well. However, if any of the conditions we mentioned here is failed, the manual one will also fail to work. But for motorized one, you can hold back your worries. With powerful motor driven, the decoiler will easy to fit your special coil rolls’ conditions.

For example, here we have a MT800 decoiler machine (max. roll width 800mm and max. loading weight is 5 metric ton). You are free to choose rolls from minimize size to 800mm, never need to worry your decoiling machine will stop work suddenly. Manual will not be able to handle your heavy rolls more than 1 tons, and now you are free to handle 5 tons!

2.     Advantage: able to handle high strengthen material

Each metal steels or alloy has its own physical strength, we can group them in two types, the common ones and strengthen ones. For common ones, it’s normally the HR/ hot rolled steel and CR/ cold rolled steel. For strength ones it’s normally the stainless steel and some high-alloy steel.

The high strength material is hard to manage, the high force between every rolls require extra power to ensure the decoiling procedure is steady. Motor power will provide the needed force to keep rolls de-coling in order.

3.     Advantage: always prevent material to be scratched

If your customers’ order has requirements on its final product, and you are suffering the unknown problems that result in your high defective production rate, you need to pay attention if you choose the right decoiler machine. You may curious how can the de-coiling machine effect the final products surface? We know the de-coling procedure is to unwind the steel rolls layer by layer. There are small space between layer and layer if you make a close checking. And the extra space result in two close layers rubbing time by time during the un-coiling. Motorized decoiler rolling with its own power, so the uncoiling is managed. And managed uncoiling effectively prevent layers friction that damages your products.

If you have further questions or still hesitate to make the choice, you can consult your nearby decoiler manufactures or just contact us directly, HENLI MACHINERY are ready to help you solve your problems.