o   Characteristics

1.    One-way bearing

It is embedded with super-hard alloy and matched with roller bearings. It has wear resistance, safety, high precision and long service life. The gear is overheated and H600 is precision ground and the transmission precision is high.

2.    The wheel

It adopts hollow type, light weight and small rotary inertia, which can be stopped immediately to ensure the feeding accuracy. After heat treatment, HR600 is hardened and hardened, and the hardness is high, the wear resistance is large, and the service life is long.

3.    Disc brakes (general brakes)

The advanced clutch is used to make the two sides of the film completely contact, with long life, good stability and high precision.

4.    Reverse device

The structure is the same as that of the one-way device, and the lower wheel can be controlled quite accurately. The long-term use will not cause the lower wheel to have the slightest backward phenomenon, and the stability and precision are quite high. It is not caused by the oil splashing during the stamping, but the brake is out of order and the lower wheel is reversed, and the distance is not accurate. It is not easy to generate high heat. With super hard alloy and roller, it is not easy to wear. The action mode is the circumference and movement of the roller, not the linear motion of the four guide columns. So there will be no seizures The friction is small, the required transmission torque is relatively reduced, and the transmission mechanism is less likely to be damaged. If there is a reverse-equipped device, the speed can be 30/m minutes, generally 20 m/min, and the efficiency is increased by 50%. Special structure, increased service life

5.    PU wheel

suitable for the material surface of the higher punching products will not cause any indentation or scar on the surface of the material.

6.    The drawbar

is three-section type, the adjustment range is large, the adjustment is convenient, and the rocker arm is not interrupted after the material line height is adjusted.

7.    Fine-tuning

the distance adjustment device: (specially suitable for models above 1310NS)

The structure is the same as that of the eccentric disk, and the adjustment step is convenient. When the adjustment eccentric disk is not too different from the target value, it is only necessary to adjust the fine adjustment device to save time.

Note: For each model, the general brakes are standard.

If the unit has a reverse device, the general brake device is an auxiliary, double kill system.

o   Advantage

  • Continuity: multi-engine continuous processing
  • High speed: up to 600 times per minute
  • General purpose: no matter the width and thickness of the material, just adjust the feeder to match the mold to use
  • The structure is simple and economical
  • Low failure rate, easy maintenance