HENGLI high-strength metal sheet 3 in 1 feeder is specially designed for the automatic feeding of the medium-thickness sheet with high yield strength in punching. It is a new type of unwinding and leveling servo feeding machine. The clamping wheel face adopts plow low-blasting plating to hard chrome plating. The treatment effectively increases the friction between the material and the roller to ensure that no slippage occurs in the servo feeding process, so as to achieve high accuracy of feeding, and the outlet is equipped with a new type of oil coating device to maximize the surface coating of the material. The oil coating is evenly applied to effectively protect the service life of the mold. The discharge port increases the material rotation mechanism, effectively improves the utilization rate of the site, and realizes high plate arc and feeding capacity. The equipment adopts Japanese servo system, pneumatic components, bearings and electrical appliances. Components, control systems use large-size touch screens, high-capacity user product parameter information memory function, and a complete equipment failure alarm system, making the machine longer life, higher work efficiency, and more reliable safety factor.

1/High-strength metal sheet 3 in 1 feeder advantages

  1. Three-in-one feeder combines feeding, rectification, and three-machine automatic feeding device. High-tech, high-precision and high-efficiency. It can be said to be the vertex performance of the correcting feeder in the peripheral equipment series of punching machine. Its function It has many advantages, saves space, is durable, and has simple operation. It is especially effective for special features, extra-wide, thick materials, and is considered to be the most advanced automatic feeding device in the industry.
  2. The roller leveling machine and the feeder are placed on the same machine, which can reduce the error of feeding and leveling to high precision. It is convenient to install and does not occupy space. 3. The automatic oil pressure expansion mode can be selected to improve work efficiency.
  1. This machine adopts computer NC control system, which is more humanized design. It is suitable for feeding and rectifying various metal pieces; it is suitable for a wide range of 0.6-6.0 thick materials, designed for space saving and easy operation.
  2. suitable for a variety of hardware, electronics, electrical appliances, toys and auto parts of the continuous stamping process, feed correction, accurate and durable; roll device, the use of hydraulic expansion, the material sent to the die, without artificial input, save manpower, Safe and high.
  3. The machine adopts imported daily-made servo motor, electrical box electronic parts and controllers, etc. The product has low failure rate and long service life.
  4. simple structure design, maintenance, management are simple, and enhance the safety of the operator’s work; roller chrome, high precision, very durable
  5. can be arbitrarily set feeding length, easy operation, high safety and stability, the front end of the coiling material to facilitate the material into the roller. The motor drives the press arm device so that the material does not loosen.
  6. Arc-incrementing device for feeding material, which can be used for high efficiency and simple material feeding; the material frame motor is driven by variable-frequency motor and can be synchronized by the feeder.
  7. This model has additional feeding car to choose from.