When a company begins to assemble a stamping line, usually the feeder is the last item that they will think about. Their attention is focused on the choice of the press, on the manufacturing of the die set and its perfecting in order to aim to a high quality production. But when it comes the moment to consider how to feed the material, it is very important not to make mistakes and to choose the suitable feeder. Given the complex manufacturing of a die set, it is wrong to try to save money when choosing the feeder. In fact, the productivity rates, the quality of your products and the amount of wasted material will depend on the feeder. ….this is the reason to buy a feeder with the following features:

 Strong and rigid structure, but also compact, so that it can be installed as close as possible to the die set. This is a very important feature, especially in case of thin strips and progressive dies. It also helps to save space in the working area.

 • Accurate, since high quality of the final products demands accuracy, and also to increase the die set durability. Accuracy is granted by the presence of shock absorbers at the end of strokes and also by the great care which is put in the manufacturing of the mechanical parts.

• Low cost: low price for the purchase and low expenses during production. Thanks to the simple effect concept.

• Simple to use and to install: two screws are all that’s needed to fix it to the die set or to the press support. You will only need to have a compressed air line for working. Feeders with mechanical actuation don’t even need cams on the press: the movement of the die itself actuates the feeder!

 • Manufactured to have the longest durability and lowest rates of wear, even in presence of humidity in the compressed air. All sliding components are hardened or hard-chrome-plated. Pistons are in stainless steel with high mechanical resistance. The cylinder liners are in hard brass to avoid oxidation problems in presence of humidity in the air. There is no part working in direct contact with the main aluminum body, but rather each part is positioned in suitable housings for easy and quick replacement.

• Easy maintenance: HENLI feeders are conceived for rapid maintenance. A feeder can be removed from the die, have all gasket replaced and be installed back in line in less than an hour.

 • Customized accessories for every production need: available for purchase a vast choice of guiding accessories for thin and delicate strips, of accessories for feeding profiles and stamped strips, wires, pipes, and material of every kind.